10 Tips to Help You Maximise Your Soju Drinking Experience

Soju, a distilled alcoholic beverage originating from culturally rich Korea, is a ubiquitous presence at social gatherings, bars, pubs and even Korean restaurants. With its roots tracing back to the 13th century, soju has undergone generations of refinement, culminating in a nuanced drink that boasts intricate flavours and textures that demand thoughtful appreciation. 

Discover the art of unravelling soju’s distinctive qualities to make every drop count, and every sip fulfilling with Chorong Chorong, the home of traditional and true soju.

1. Have It Chilled

The conventional way to drink soju is to chill it beforehand, although some prefer to have it warm or lukewarm instead. Place your soju bottle in the refrigerator a few hours before serving to ensure the temperature is sufficiently cold. Alternatively, add one or two ice cubes to shot glasses of soju. It’s said that chilling soju makes it more refreshing and cancels out harshness, resulting in a drink that’s more appealing to the palate.

2. Decide on Its Delivery

Soju is a versatile spirit that can be savoured on its own or infused into creative cocktails. Having it in its pure form, neat, involves sipping it straight from the glass at room temperature, sans mixers or water, allowing individuals to appreciate its qualities unadulterated. Conversely, blending soju with mixers like fruit juices, soft drinks or beers spawn an array of inventive cocktails, catering to diverse preferences. Tailoring the delivery of your soju to match your tastes can pave the way for better satisfaction when enjoying soju.

3. Serve It in a Shot Glass

Most Korean restaurants typically present soju in shot glasses arranged on a tray or in its original bottle format. While research indicates that alcohol consumption tends to slow down with smaller glassware, some also advance the belief that the choice of glassware can influence the aroma and flavour of soju. 

4. Sip, Don’t Shoot

Soju is frequently served as small pours. These limited portions seem tempting as shots, but sipping rather than shooting will enable individuals to unpack its multilayered flavour profile more deliberately. Moreover, this reduced consumption pace can help you make the most of your time with the grain-based beverage, drinking slightly more for longer. 

5. Pair It With Anju

Food makes a great supporting actor to the star of the show, soju. It is therefore no wonder to spot Korea’s national drink at grill houses where it pairs with the sizzle of barbecue; in bars accompanying snack bowls of chips and dips; or even in restaurants dishing out plates of fish cakes (eomuk), stir-fried rice cakes (tteokbokki), and fried chicken. These foods, known as anju, consist of both mains and sides that serve as cornerstones of Korean cuisine. Its essential role is backed by some science as well – apparently, the higher alcohol content found in soju makes high-protein foods such as beef and pork much easier on the stomach!

6. Share It With Loved Ones

The practice of consuming soju with colleagues, friends and family is long established in Korea’s social culture. Its role in social settings from grand celebrations to casual gatherings can be experienced from sharing a bottle, pouring and filling glasses for one another, and bonding under fun and exciting drinking games. Facilitating these interactions, soju is often seen as a highway to fond, lasting memories and strengthened connections. Invite and share your soju with loved ones in true Korean fashion to enjoy soju on an interpersonal level. 

7. Stay Hydrated

Like all other varieties of alcohol, soju is a diuretic, which means it leads to increased urine frequency and potential dehydration. Clock in your fluids between soju servings to restore water levels and flush out toxins. This can help reduce the effects of hangovers associated with heavy drinking on your body. 

8. Drink Responsibly

The alcohol content for soju falls within a broad range from 16% to 25%. Considered relatively potent, it is crucial for individuals to drink responsibly for personal well-being and the safety of others. The experience of soju can be better enjoyed when risks and negative outcomes are mitigated. Drink in moderation by sticking to safe drinking levels and pacing yourself, and don’t forget to eat a proper meal before drinking and hydrate regularly. 

9. Have a Taste of Its Rich History

The historical origins of soju date back to the 13th century during the Goryeo Dynasty. Introduced by Mongol invaders, it soon became a symbol of status, reserved for the elite of society. Reflecting on its complex history while savouring a glass or bottle of soju showcases how far we have come as a society, adding an element of fascination and depth to a beverage now so ingrained in Korean and Asian culture. 

10. Practise Soju Customs and Etiquette

There are several rules to soju etiquette, specifically on serving and receiving the drink, that are integral to Korean culture. One of the most important rules is to have the oldest person in the group kick off the first pour. Consequently, do not pour your own soju. Instead, have someone else fill your glass, after which you should receive with both hands as a sign of respect. Other soju customs include avoiding eye contact with elders when drinking and offering to help refill others’ glasses. 

Final Thoughts

The key to creating a gratifying soju experience involves more than just consuming high-quality soju. It requires adhering to healthy habits, traditional customs, and fostering good relationships with others. That is why, at Chorong Chorong, we prioritise these 10 tips to ensure that anyone who indulges in our soju can have an enjoyable time on all fronts – going beyond simply savouring our exceptional concoction of crisp and smooth soju.

Armed with these guidelines, it’s time to appreciate the unique, neutral but nuanced flavour profile of Korea’s beloved beverage. Explore our website to sample our authentic soju, which will transport you to the warm and nostalgic atmosphere of Korea and back again. Don’t wait, and order with us today!

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