A Walk Through Diverse Soju Flavours and Their Distinctive Qualities

Korea’s national drink is a special clear and colourless alcohol that’s as rich in culture as it is in flavour. Known as soju, which translates to “burnt liquor”, this beverage of around 20% alcohol by volume (ABV) is saturated with centuries of history and now comes in a wide assortment of styles. 

While the traditional choice remains as the crisp, subtle and ever-popular grain-distilled spirit, flavoured varieties have arisen with sweeter profiles and fruity injections. If the classic soju is all you’ve ever had, brace yourself for a trip to exciting flavours of grape, apple, peach and more! These sojus do not overpower the original appeal of its antecedent, but rather rejuvenate the palate with a wash of fresh flavour. 

Unpack some of the best soju flavours today with Chorong Chorong here: 

Green Grape

Green grape is one of the most popular soju flavours to date. It also makes it one of the most evasive, being sold out faster than other flavours at the likes of Korean restaurants and supermarkets. Characterised by its balanced taste offering a flawless blend of sweetness, sharpness and tartness, green grape soju has been likened to a grape gummy – truly a staple in everybody’s preferences. It’s also lightweight and juicy, imbued with a fruity fragrance that performs well both neat and mixed.

Green Apple

Adore the fresh and smooth taste of apple juice? Then green apple soju might be the top pick for you. This soju alternative captures the essence of biting into a fresh green apple, bursting with moist and refreshing qualities that enliven your taste buds with honey-like flavour. First, you get hit with a splash of sweetness, then the bracingly tart effect sets in, transforming the experience into one that’s nuanced and crave-worthy… Much like the actual fruit!


The saccharine, nectarine sweetness of peach is a flavour to behold in alcohol. With its ripe and deep character, peach soju carries a floral undertone that punctuates the neutrality of the spirit. Its intense taste permeates the palate with an aromatic and succulent flavour, almost contradicting the mellowness of its essence. This versatile soju lends itself perfectly to crafting sensational summer cocktails. 


Grapefruit offers a vibrant citrus flavour that’s delightfully exotic. When infused into Korea’s national beverage, you get a drink that’s luscious, refreshing and perfectly balanced between sweet-and-sour, ideal for those with less of a sweet tooth. Like a hybrid of orange and pomelo, this uniquely appetising citrus profile pops when paired with proteins. Explore savouring this one-of-a-kind variant alongside a smoky and indulgent Korean barbecue meal.


Lychee stands out as one of the more innovative and newer flavours in modern soju production, yet its popularity remains undiminished. Its greatest feature lies in its delicate and perfumed quality, which introduces a floral dimension to an otherwise sugary and strawberry-like flavour profile. Elevate your drinking experience with lychee soju – a deliciously sweet option that can accompany you on social gatherings, date nights and beyond. With it, you can step away from the usual lychee spritzes, martinis and mai tais, and have just as big of a blast.


Gentle, clean, naturally sweet, and remarkably smooth, Korea’s signature beverage embodies the sigh of relief after a long work day, the laughter surrounding dinner tables, and the gentle conversation with a loved one. A loyal companion, the original and classic soju is revered for its luxurious taste akin to vodka, yet without the harshness and higher ABV. 

While mass produced soju may not strictly adhere to traditional techniques, technological advancements have enabled the preservation of authentic soju flavours honed through years of refinement and artistry. A meticulously crafted bottle of soju presents a crisp and nuanced taste, leaving a silky finish lingering on the tongue. Additionally, its subtle astringency adds complexity, resulting in a flavoursome drink worth savouring – even without the extra flavours.


Even though soju proudly holds the title of Korea’s national drink, its influence extends far beyond Korean borders, cherished by countless individuals worldwide. With its original charm and diverse array of flavours, soju has risen to become the world’s best-selling liquor, showcasing Korean cuisine through sleek and glossy green bottles that conceal a spectrum of vibrant and unexpected flavours.

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